Power flushing can fix many Central Heating problems!

If you have your Central Heating system PowerFlushed by us, you may be surprised at how much sludge had built up over the years. With our trusted and experienced engineers, we can thoroughly clean and de-sludge your system bringing dead radiators back to life. Some of the symptoms which indicate the need for Power Flushing are… cold spots on radiators, poor hot water flow or noisy boilers.

Power Flush Symptoms

Which symptoms indicate the need for Power Flushing?

Areas on radiators which remain cool

  • Noises coming from either your boiler or associated pipework
  • The boiler works intermittently
  • The system takes a long time to get to the desired temperature
  • Signs of corrosion in the radiator water when bled (Dark colour)
  • Unstable hot water supply with varying temperature
  • The consequences of having a dirty central heating system

Central Heating is at it’s most efficient when heating the water unhindered.  When there is a sludge build-up, the boiler has to heat the sludge as well as the water.  Because some of the heat is absorbed in the sludge, the boiler works harder to reach the desired temperature.  This build-up gets worse with time and so the effects are worse and the boiler is more stressed.

The benefits of having a clean central heating system

A clean system allows the water to flow more freely and heat up quicker because of the lack of obstruction and contamination.  A side effect of this is  longer life expectancy of the key boiler components, leading to less costly repair bills.  Noise can also be greatly reduced due to lack of vibration caused by partly blocked flow paths.


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